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Product Review - Moregasm, The Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex

My friends at Babeland sent me a copy of their new book, The Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex and I’ve had it sitting on my bedside table for the past few weeks, so I can flip through and read different sections whenever I have time. :)

It’s really a fun a book – it’s colourful, with lots of illustrations and pictures – while still being informative and interesting.  It’s written with women readers as the audience (though anyone would find it entertaining and educational), and starts out with a chapter about the “Lay of the Land” that talks all about the female anatomy (later on there’s a chapter about “Him and His Body”).   The book moves through topics like masturbation (own your orgasm!), using sex toys, lube, and bedroom advice (BDSM, using strap-ons, improving your communication, etc).

The whole tone of the writing is light-hearted – which I think is great because sex is supposed to be a fun and light-hearted affair!  The photos represent lots of different body types (since, you know, not everyone is a size 0 or 2), different cultures/ethnicities, and shows both heterosexual and homosexual couples – which is great because all of us like to have fun, regardless of how we look or what gender we are interested in having sex with.

The information is presented in such a way that it’s accessible to people who are knew to the whole idea of enjoying their body as well as someone elses’, but there’s also some great tit bits for more experienced and knowledgeable readers.

To me Moregasm seems like an excellent gift for a young woman (or even a young man) heading off to University or for a couple about to be married (for a bridal shower or as part of your wedding gift to them).   The recipient might blush at first, but after flipping through the book even once, they’ll be intrigued enough to give it a deeper read through.

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