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Cockblogging Wednesday 179

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Today’s submitter is wearing cupcakes to celebrate The S Spot’s 5th Anniversary!

Hmm maybe my fancy ‘shopping on this pic will give you some ideas for your entry in the Anniversary Contest!


hey shay, i’ve been comeing to the site for a couple years.  i’m 19 now and want to submit a cbw pic.

Worth the wait? ^_^

6 comments to Cockblogging Wednesday 179

  • jmee

    shay! u officially suck! geta DOaf out there already!

  • Shay

    Hey, that’s not very nice! I’ve been really swamped this semester. :(
    But the good news is that this semester is almost over! :)

  • Rebecca

    How about: Shay, we know you’re really really busy, but we LOOOVE DOaF and are really looking forward to another (or several more) installments. Is there an estimated time you think we might see that? Thanks so much for writing such a hot story for us!!

  • james

    great cock!!! i could worship that all night

  • Shay

    Rebecca – I’m hoping by the end of April at least. But I’ll have some other cool stuff up (like a new video) before then. ^_~

  • Tsuya

    Very nice, impressive~

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