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Cockblogging Wednesday 176

Our friend Jame here was kind enough to remind me that I STILL have not posted part 10 of DoaF, but I promise you that I AM working on it!
In the meantime, clickthrough to check out how much James has enjoyed my work so far:

Hey Shay!  Just wanted to show you an example of what your “Diary of a Futa” posts do to me and, I’m sure, many other male readers. We need more! Keep up the great work, love the site! Be kind about the size, I’m somewhat self-conscious about it…but apparently not so self-conscious that I don’t submit it for the world to see.

Do you want to appear in CBW?
Send in a pic!
We want to see your lady or man parts (either are great)!
[Don't forget that Vag Month (Feb) is coming up so I'm going to need some pictures of our lovely ladies with labias to post all that month!]

5 comments to Cockblogging Wednesday 176

  • Chris

    I love the fat vein running down the dorsal side of your cock. Don’t be self conscious about your size. It’s temping to judge one’s size against porn stars or whatever, but remember, they’re mutants. It would be like judging your basketball skills against an NBA player- someone who represents a tiny tiny fraction of the population. We’ve all got what the Lord gave us. Love it and it will love you back.

  • Aria

    I like it very much – thank for sharing – makes my girl parts all wet!! Oh and Don’t worry about the size – it looks perfect!

  • James

    Thanks ladies…for some reason I never get complaints until after a girl and I break up, and then all of a sudden it’s “yeah well my new boyfriend is way bigger than you” so it just makes me wonder…anyway thanks to y’all for the comments, and thanks to Shay for running such an awesome website!

  • Chris

    Sounds like some women just wanted to hurt your feelings.

  • KC

    Hmmmm………I think your picture is beautiful! What a lucky partner you must have!

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