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The S Spot is being tweaked!Please bear with meHopefully things will be looking better around here shortly.

Reader Question – Messy Blow Job Help

“My fiance loves giving and receiving oral but for the past yr or so i haven’t given him a blow job because his cum tastes really salty and i also tend to make a sloppy (droolish) mess and i dunno how to not make a mess, this is why i don’t do them anymore I’d [...]

Sugasm #76

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #77? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form.

This Week’s PicksThe Curse of Nude Modeling Strikes Again (…)“I choose to share images of my nude [...]

The S Spot Corrupts Your Childhood 1

There’s something you may or may not know about the internet – if a thing was popular, there’s probably porn of it.

That is what this segment is about – showcasing porn based on our favourite childhood cartoon characters.

Let’s start with something simple and obvious – The Jetsons

In fact, I just watched an old episode on [...]

Film Friday 71 – A Man Who Knows How to Use his Tongue

…. I don’t think I’d want his tongue on me after all that!Hopefully she makes him use some mouthwash while she gets another from the fridge.^_~

Treating You to an HNT

Oh my sweet readers, I spoil you too much, I know!
But this week’s CBW reminded me of a party I went to a couple of weeks ago where a group of us all wore glow bracelets – it was a naughty school girls & boys party, so of course JeN was there too^_~

Now, if you’ve [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 61

Isn’t this fun? A creative shot and a nice little story to go along with it:
(click to see only one “fun-guy” in the photo – get it? hehe)

“First of all, nice site. I’m kinda nervous and shy (even in this email), but I really enjoy your site, and I figure sharing these pictures can [...]

Homemade Porn can be The Best Porn

This is an updated version of a very old post; this was recently published in the paper I write for and Fleshbot actually ended up featuring it, which was kinda cool but also kinda weird.

Summer vacation is coming up (or already here) for those of my readers who are university students. Many of you [...]

Reader Question – What’s up with BB Hentai?

*BB = Big Breast

“As I begin to explore the beautiful art of hentai a little more, I’m noticing some repeating themes [like] large breasts. Are these Japanese cultural fetishes of some kind? I guess many Asian women tend to have small breasts, so large-breasted women must look pretty appealing to Japanese [...]

Have a Sexy Earth Day

There are plenty of sexy ways for us to preserve our planet

* For those of us who use battery powered vibes, we can recycle our batteries when they dieoreven better, we can use rechargeable batteries.

* Instead of just throwing toys away when they break, why not try to repair them yourself?or/andcheck out my guide [...]