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Captions! Captions Everywhere!

You know what we haven’t played in WAY too long?

So how about it?

Have a look at the picture below:


And leave a comment below saying what you think any of the characters are saying or thinking!

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3 comments to Captions! Captions Everywhere!

  • Akinobu

    Futanari: As I have just demonstrated, futanari have the uncanny ability to create a temporary blindfold upon anyone who stares, akin to gluing one’s eyelids shut.

    Guy at bottom center: Whoa! She’s blinded me with science!

    Guy pointing: This is like a basilisk killing people with just a glance!

    Guy at left corner: My god, her penis is like a basilisk!

    Guy with glasses: That may be a bit of an extreme comparison guys…

    Guy underneath table: I only caught a glance of her balls, my eyes are now orange slices!

  • Xanthus

    Teach: “Look. I’m not the one that requested extra credit. So…who still wants those points?”

  • Oscar

    Teacher: When I said there would be a whipping I didn’t specify WHAT you would be whipped with!

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