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Reader Question – Polyamory

I dont know if this has been addressed in your blog or not but I dont remember reading about it anywhere.
I’d like some of your thoughts on polyamory. Me and my husband thought we wanted to be swingers but
decided that we didnt want to go down that route because we dont just want to have sex with strangers
we want an emotional relationship with another girl and for her to be an equal partner in our relationship
and to have a friend and a lover both in the bedroom and outside of the bedroom, basically we want a polytriad.

I’m just curious about your take on polyamory and if you have any resource material and/or advice
on how to talk to ppl who dont practice polyamory so we can explain our relationship when they ask..
especially our family because we know they arent going to be accepting or understanding about the relationship.
We dont know how ppl really view the polyamory lifestyle outside of the bible belt (where we live).


I definitely feel that polyamory can be a great choice for the right people.
It sounds like you and your partner have really put a lot of thought into what you want in your lives, which is very important and less likely to lead to any hurt feelings or jealousy (which is always a risk when new partners are introduced to a relationship).
I’d like to tell you to just forget what other people might think, but that wouldn’t be very realistic advice, unfortunately.
We humans are very social creatures and can be very rigid in our thinking sometimes so you are definitely going to encounter family and community members who just don’t understand your life, because they can’t imagine having it for themselves.
I wish I knew more about polyamory, but I’m pretty inexperienced in this matter. I would suggest doing a thorough google search for polyamory resources to see if anyone who currently lives this lifestyle has any advice. In the mean time, keep your head down and your chin up – you might need to keep your private life very private for a while, which sucks and isn’t really fair, but hopefully eventually the people important to you will come around.
How about you, my readers, any advice for this couple?

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