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Happy Lunar New Year!

Welcome to the Year of the Water Dragon!

Got any big plans for the new year?
Apparently the year of the dragon is the year to shoot for things that you previously thought might be impossible for you!

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15 comments to Happy Lunar New Year!

  • I am a dragon! Yes, indeed, the dragon treasure trove of rich delights … something no doubt for everyone! ;)

  • terry

    I’m a dragon & this year I’m trying (baby steps) to step out of my comfort zone to do some fun & ‘out of character’ things. Wish me luck!!

  • Coyote

    Sorry you have been quiet so long. You have been a favorite of mine. Hope this is just boredom and not something more serioous.

  • JD

    What Coyote said, above, +1. We miss you!

  • Aaron H

    Yeah Shay we miss your posts especially the futa diarys =P wheres u?

  • Dash

    I do hope you return and pick this up. Miss your posts :(

  • Skyfolk

    It’s a shame to see that you’ve left your blog. I have been a reader for a very long time, and it saddens me that you haven’t posted at all since January. I understand you’re probably just busy with your life being married and all. I do hope that you’ll come back soon though, we all miss you Shay.

    - Skyfolk

  • Tom

    Shay, your lack of updates makes me a sad panda… :’(

  • lil

    Other bloggers like dirtyboy and dirty little mind stopped blogging at the same time. This is so strange! Do they all have technical problems with their blog? But why aren’t they writing a post in the comments at least?

  • AB

    Seriously…where did Shay go??? I really miss her, this is one of the very very few blogs I read on a regular basis. Feels like I’ve lost a limb… :(

  • Xanthus

    Would be really nice to at least get some sort of “not posting anymore, sorry guys” update. Closure at least…though a continuation would be better. :P

  • Eric

    Has anybody emailed her? Maybe she can explain…I do miss this blog.

  • Chris

    =( Sad Face, Miss this blog, Shayyyyy Where are yoouuuuu ? =(

  • Oscar

    I emailed her ages ago. No reply there either :(

  • Sorry all!! I just got really busy (sex research doesn’t run itself! haha)
    I’m trying to get back into posting a little more regularly from now on. :)

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