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Shay’s Contest! – CLOSED

A few weeks ago I hinted that something has been keeping me very busy in my real life.
A number of you were curious about what it could be.


Your little Shay is getting married in a few weeks!

It’s been very busy and exciting times getting ready for the wedding,
but that didn’t stop me from teaming with with my friends at Babeland to bring you a contest!
(Why should I have all the fun, amiright?)

Babeland and I will be giving away one of their neat Honeymoons in a Box
AND a Pirates Pendant Vibe

All you need to do to enter is describe your ideal bachelorette party in the comment section below!

This contest is now CLOSED!

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38 comments to Shay’s Contest! – CLOSED

  • Palme d'Whore

    Chocolate themed food. Blanket forts. Nerf guns. Cupcakes. Rum.

  • Eric

    Wish my wife could have had one. No one would throw her one. For her it would have been Chick-fil-a catered, plenty of assorted candy, and champagne. Sexy gift baskets and games.It would be smaller, maybe 8 people max. Maybe I can give her one if we ever decide to renew our vows.

    On a side note, the Nerf guns are an awesome idea!

  • butterflykiwi13

    The ideal bachellorette party would be simple for me, just lots of food, friends, and fun! Thanks for the contest!

  • Shani

    I think the best would cater to my many guy friends, and chicks too. We’d probably have a night of gaming, and something of a pot luck. Defiantly some rum, a bonfire and small naughty gifts.

    And at the end, a rather sexy male stripper.

    And Palme, blanket forts and nerf guns, what a blast :3

  • Alison R.

    My perfect bachelorette party would be mojitos, music, and tons of food that may or may not be phallic-shaped. A few games like Never Have I Ever, and how to Striptease 101 will keep the party interesting. My motto is keep it simple! I’m with Palme d’Whore, nerf guns would be a nice touch of fun!

  • Tiggurl


    I would do a joint last hurrah party with my honey, all our friends, male and female, lots of booze, either on the beach or through the streets of New Orleans, music, dancing, food, no sleep till the next day!!!

  • mandy

    congrats, shay!

    i guess my perfect bachelorette party would be with great friends, lotsa booze, good food, sexy games, and a female stripper ;)

  • Mmmm Mmmm Mmm
    Always so exciting
    Rock on!

  • Hey! Congratulations, Shay doll!!! :D

  • A giant party, male and females both, on the beach at night. Lots of alcohol and great food. Possibly lots of making out and more!

  • rixxir

    ideally it would be close friends, alcohol, food, and catching up!

  • Congratulations!

    My ideal Bachelorette party would be a whole weekend house party with my friends, in a really nice house on the beach. Just good food and hanging out and maybe a wild night of playing Rock Band. XD

  • Now this I have thought about not the wedding but the bachelorette party yes.

    Everyone naked wearing only body paint and elaborate vajazzle. Booze and strippers as far as the eye can see. Much fun for all :)

  • InnocentMind

    So now that the news is out, how long till the future hubby is featured in a CBW?

  • Haha IM, he knows about CB and refuses to even have his pic posted. Oh well.

  • Don’t enter me, I don’t have anyone to use the Honeymoons in a Box with and I already have a Pirate’s Pendant Vibe ( love it ). I just wanted to say congrats on the upcoming wedding. :)

  • Congratulations! I hope your life together is wonderful, open, and happy. <3

    Okay, so, I love themed parties. More than that, I love costume parties. My bachelorette party would either be brothel themed in a bright, gaudy-yet-classy Moulin Rouge sort of way, or it would be 1940's themed with conservative period clothes and tea parties offset by party favors of sex toys and lingerie. The invitations would welcome friends to my Anachronistic Bachelorette Party! :)

  • Adrian Fynch

    My ideal bachelorette would be a dress-up night on the town, preferably without humiliation involved, but lots of free drinks. My friends and I like to have “dead girls night out” where we dress up as zombies and go dancing/kareokeing, whatever. A larger version of one of those would be so much fun.

  • Kat

    Limo ride along a beach side road with champagne, chocolates and great friends.

  • Why am I not surprised that you would marry someone level headed enough NOT to have his unit featured on your site that your closest friends surely read lol

  • Nicole19

    Id want my party small, just a few close friends and family. I would want lots of food (especially chocolate), some alcohol, male stripers and id want the it to be sex toy themed! :P We’d could play games, take home some goodies, drool over some male deliciousness, and have a blast!

  • Tonya

    My ideal bachelorette would be dressing up and going out. Maybe get a limo, hit a few bars and stip clubs. Enjoy myself with my friends.

  • phunkyphreak

    My idea for a bachlorette party since I did not get one would be to have my girlfriends and I would get together have some drinks and have pleasure party where someone comes to your home and show you toys and how to best use them. Then we all get dressed up in fancy party dresses and go dance the night away!

  • Rebecca

    I’m getting married soon too! Labor Day weekend!

    My ideal bachelorette party would be pretty low key overall, drinks, friends, and all those naughty gifts that I couldnt open in front of my mom and her friends at the bridal shower.

  • Ragen Roberts

    Star Trek- lounge theme! With ‘exotic’ Tapas, and a ‘library’ of drinks to sample at random from a ‘replicator’. We’d show the *new Trek flick, then the porn parody! The Bachelorette would get a lap dance from a Ensign in the Captain’s Chair!

  • Sarah

    My Ideal Bachelorette party would be a night of clubbing with all my girlfriends, maybe even crashing the bachelor party if you know what I mean ;)

  • Gianna Patton

    So cliche, but… Vegas, baby! Co-party weekend with the wolf and puma packs at the Venetian, hitting up Tao and Tao Beach at night wearing all the deliciously tacky bridal, boob and cock-themed gear we can get our hands on. Oh, and a vodka-fueled scavenger hunt would be aces there… ;)

  • Heather

    My ideal bachelorette party would be a long hot bath with my husband-to-be followed by a full-body massage.

  • jarboy

    Definitely a sex toy party for the bachelorette party. What better way is there to let your hair down and relax before the big day? Besides, gotta get lots of fun toys to use on the honeymoon.

  • Sunnie

    I think a good dinner out with some girl friends, maybe a strip club with some of the wilder friends.

  • Lucy

    My ideal bachelorette party would probably have to be an evening in with my friends and some nice food. Nothing but our favorite snacks, cakes and drinks and going through photo albums or talking about anything and everything. Maybe a few gifts, but it’s more about the company that the materialism.

    The best way to round the evening would be when a stripper or strippers arrive and they turn out to be cross dressers. Getting tied up and then a lap dance would be a great present.

  • Chloe

    My ideal party would be a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed shindig, with plenty of drinks, costumes, games, and general silliness. Thanks for the contest!

  • damn i thought i left a comment a while back. maybe not! anyways, my idea bachelorette party is, lots of liquor, male strippers, a club and discussion of sexy toys! oh wait … that DID happen! =]

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  • Katie

    My perfect bachelorette party starts by getting permission from my fiance to have sex with whoever I want as long as I tell him everything and he gets the same privilege. That way we can both attempt to sleep with anyone we’ve had a crush on so that when we’re married there is no left over resentment or “what-ifs” about guys I could have been with. At the beginning of the day we start by going skydiving to get our adrenaline and daredevilishness up. When we’re done, we go back to my place and get sexy for a night on the town. We do the dancing, drinking, male strippers, and etc. (like a typical bachelorette party), but then I take a hot guy to a motel and screw his brains out. We go our separate ways and party is over. Happy Ever After!

    Btw, congratulations on getting married. My story is more of a crazy fantasy than reality.

  • jen b

    For my bachlorette party i would have my good friends and sister go out for a fun tasty dinner. Afterwards we would hit the bar for a few drinks and then head to someones house for a girls night. There would be gossip, more food, and probably after my sister and vanilla friends go home we will have a special girls only play party! yaya ;)

  • Jesse M

    My ideal bachelorette party would be one with all my girlfriends and lots of yummy fruity drinks with an island theme and lots of fun toys/lingerie for gifts!

  • Renee Richardson

    I would have loved a Vegas style party. Drinks, food, gambling, guys and girls. Fun Stuff!!! Congrats to you :)


  • cheap rabbit vibrator

    I would use cheap vibrators , gets loads of strippers and have lots of beer . Las vegas looks good for lapdancing and table dancer . In the uk we dont go mad but i watched a film once called bachelor party with tom hanks and i was in stitches . LOL

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