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Where's the Most Awkward Place You've Been Turned On?

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Of course, everyone… or mostly everyone, knows that guys can get boners at the oddest times. Sometimes it’s merely a stray thought, other times, it’s nothing at all, and suddenly there’s a boner to worry about, often in a public place.

Guys have to worry about that on occasion, but do girls have anything that compares? Is there a female equivalent of an “awkward boner?”

As a side question, either for you or commenters, what is the most awkward place that you’ve gotten turned on and had to take care of business? Myself, it was at work, waiting tables. During a slow part of the day, after the rush had died down, all of a sudden I had to rush to the employee bathroom, or have to deal with a boner while attending customers.

Haha! I’m trying to think of a female equivalent to the awkward boner, but there isn’t really anything “springing” to mind. Women just don’t really have anything that “pops up” to announce our arousal the the casual passer-by (unless you count nipples, but those are usually concealed by a bra), we’re pretty sneaky I guess. ^_~

I like your question about awkward places to be turned on – I’ll put that to my other readers and see what they have to say.

I always get turned on in places where it would be difficult to sneak away for a quickie (like at group events or when grocery shopping), but I’m struggling to think of a situation that was truly awkward; then again, maybe that’s because I don’t get boners (since I’m a girl sans cock).

So, gentle readers – what say you?  Where is the most awkward place you ever been super turned on AND what did you do?!

5 comments to Where’s the Most Awkward Place You’ve Been Turned On?

  • When I think back on my youth, I often refer to ninth grade as “The Year of the Awkward Boner.”

  • Stewie

    Yeah, Grade 9-10 where the years of constant “awkward boners”. I couldn’t do a thing to prevent them, just satisfy the urge, then get on with my day. Made school difficult to concentrate on sometimes, but i made thing work. haha

    Even to this day, i get the occasional awkward boner, though not nearly as often. Same solution as it was back then too. ;)

    I make an effort to masturbate every day, sometime twice a day, and still i get them. Being a guy can be so awkward. (pun intended)

  • Pello

    Yeah, 9th grade algebra. Sitting behind the cutest girl in the class, who wore those form-fitting scoop-neck tank-tops–dang! I’d get a boner so big and hard, I’d have to hold it in a certain position in my jeans to let it straighten out properly without showing too badly. When uninterrupted (e.g. taking a test that period), I could stroke it furtively with a fingernail and encourage it to the point of eruption, though that would leave a big wet spot that would be uncomfortable for the next few hours and be hard to explain. (I wonder if anybody ever noticed.) The alternative was to just wait it out till the end of class, and it would be damn near impossible to stand up straight. Only the imminent threat of total humiliation at being discovered would make it deflate. Usually.

  • emma

    As a girl, no awkward boners. Many awkward moments of being turned on at inappropriate times. Texting with the guy I’m seeing during work… getting sent pictures. Yeah. And I work at a preschool, so very awkward.

  • Rikko

    I wouldn’t call it the most awkward place in the world but getting a boner just when you’re at the end of a bus trip is a real challenge. Picture the situation: You’ve been travelling in a bus and you were sit for more than 3 hours straight, then you stretch your arms when you’re close to the station and voila! You’ve a strong and somewhat painful erection.

    And you know you just have 5 minutes to get back to normal. I start thinking about anything-but-sexy at those times. Once I couldn’t meet the deadline and had to walk like that, I hold my bag with one arm trying to occult it :P

    It was a good deal for the people that was in front of me, but I think one older woman sat to the left saw me, I’d never forget her face xD

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