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Cocktoberfest – Day 3

Another day, another Beer, and another cock!
Willkommen to Day 3 of Cocktoberfest!

Today’s beer is another recent favourite of mine.
I’ve known about it for years, but only tried it for the first time when I was on vacation this past summer.
I liked it a lot! Hooray Red Beer!

It’s a pretty average tasting beer but it’s mellow and smooth and I like it.

Today’s cock comes from the well known cock-model Ronan!
coming soon to a magazine near you:


Oh! by the way – if this is your first visit (or first visit of the day) remember to keep scrolling and keep checking back – during cocktoberfest I’m posting at least twice a day (once as usual and once with a feature) and I don’t want you to miss out!
Boo missing blog posts – Hooray S Spot!

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